I have been making art for about 25 years now. My technique has evolved from classical painting and drawing over elements of street art and the collage to what it is today: T!ME(s)*.

T!ME(s)* is a concept that want to explore what does modern society to old values.Today we use things without questioning how they came into our lives and what their story is.We use some things carelessly and do not think about their history or see their beauty anymore.But without the many little stories and brave people who have changed our history, our way of life would be totally different today.Especially the way the art has enriched our lives in the last 3 centuries is fascinating for me.Sad is the fact that the art of old masters today are no longer welcome and people no longer take the time to look at them as real artworks with a statement.But I think these pictures have lost none of their actuality how they documented a society.
My T!ME(s)* artworks should look like old paintings that have been used for a long time, damaged and repaired several times by a careless society.I want to show that real beauty never dies...and history is never lost...when we just learn to look close enough again!

I love mixing the styles and techniques I've learned over the years into one artwork. For me, combining old with new is the perfect way to express my art and find the answer to what's happening today.

   Best wishes to you..!